Emma is a Brooklyn-based moonlighting illustrator, daytime product manager, organization enthusiast and cat lover.

She typically illustrates figures and creatures in various states of distress, often in sharp contrast using heavy black ink with white paper elements. She often incorporates elements of body horror, loss, and destruction. They aren't meant to be upsetting.

Her traditional figure drawings incorporate more color and movement, defined by wide swaths of pastel marker, overlaid with more delicate inked details. While drawn from life, these often still show elements of unrest, whether real or perceived.

Emma has been creating in various ways for decades. She moved to Brooklyn to attend Pratt Institute and has stayed since. She regularly attends and contributes to figure-drawing sessions, off-kilter themed parties, and other social creative endeavors.

She has recently become involved in the world of TNR in NYC. She cares for a small cat colony of her own and regularly fosters adorable cats in her home.